Nothing good can come from the Raiders moving from Oakland to Las Vegas. If the Raiders move, all hope is lost for the city of Oakland. There is nothing that makes them worth knowing. The Raiders put them on the map, and without them, that city is nothing. Also why is Las Vegas so intrigued with the Raiders. They have sucked for as long as I can remember. This season has given them light at the end of the tunnel for them. Could Derek Carr and Amari Cooper be the second coming of christ for Raiders fans.
My biggest fear of the Raiders moving is that they won’t get a stable and loyal fan base. Will they be able to fill the seats with loyal Raiders fans or will they be filled with tourists who came to gamble and get drunk. Will that beautiful billion dollar stadium go to waist because they can’t get people to go. Im not sure if that sub par Raiders team can be successful on and off the field in Sin City.