As we all know Russell Westbrook has been racking up the triple-doubles this season. He as now tied Oscar Robertson’s single season record for 41 triple-doubles. He tied the record in last nights game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Per usual, Westbrook only needed 22 minutes to record this triple-double. He holds the second fastest triple-double in history. Of his 41 this season, 13 have come in three quarters or less, while eight have come in less than 30 minutes. That is a incredible stat sheet.

So lets get down to the real talk. This man has 41 triple-doubles in a season of 82 games…and the season is not even over. Do you know the caliber of athletes, freaks of nature, utter super humans he faces every night. The fact that he gets double digits in three different stat categories, is just un-freaking-believable. If Westbrook does not win MVP then the NBA should reevaluate their existence. No one has even come close to level that he has been playing at this season. That would be the biggest snub in sports history. I hope Adam Silver reads this and takes it into consideration when choosing an MVP.