So the the for ever stacked Cavaliers team have under performed this season and have secured the #2 spot in the Eastern Conference. They are matched up with a struggling Indiana Pacers team that should not be a problem for them. Lebron assured that there is nothing to worry about and the Cavs are ready to go in the playoffs. In my opinion there is a high probability that they make it to the NBA finals. There is no one in the Eastern Conference that I can see beating them in a seven game series, they are just too good.

Now lets get down to the real talk. How the hell are they not the #1 seed. The entire Celtics roster is filled with a bunch of terribly average players. They could possibly lose in the first round. The Cavs would demolish them. If Lebron and Kyrie can’t make it to the finals then they both should retire because that is just pathetic. Those two could beat 50% of the league by themselves. All said an done if I don’t see Draymond and Lebron going at it in the finals I will be very surprised.